Ramadan Buffet 2016 @ SACC


Ramadan Buffet Nikmat Iftar 2016 at Shah Alam Convention Centre.

Shah Alam Convention Centre (SACC) continues their annual tradition during this upcoming Ramadan by offering a Ramadan Buffet 2016 with the theme “Nikmat Iftar” with more than 100 Selera Minang delicacies with the combination of other famous Malaysian dishes.

With the vouchers priced at RM 88.00+ for adult and RM 44.00+ for children from 7 to 10 years old, SACC offers their specialty in every cuisine served. As a tradition, the highlight of the buffet is the “Kambing Kebuli”. This authentic cuisine was brought exclusively to the surrounding community by SACC. It was a big hit come every Ramadan, and crowned as the signature dish of SACC. With no charges for children below 6, it is no doubt a super value for money, especially for parents.

Previously, Executive Chef, Jamili Napiah and Sous Chef, Rizal Nahar introduced “Sup Periuk”. It was a favourite among guests that SACC decided to bring it back in the menu this year. This is a single item that should not be missed. One humble bowl of soup is a perfect combination of ingredients  such as chicken, beef, oxtails, lamb and herbs that creates the unique taste.

Meanwhile, for their corporate clients, the Corporate Packages starts at RM 40.00+. With a minimum pax of 50 guests, you are entitled to a private space. Call our sales and event expert to discuss further on the list of menus available.

Just like previous years, the second objective of this event carries the message “SACC gives back to the community” through its CSR programs. Ramadan 2016, SACC will carry out a different CSR program concept known as “Bubur Lambuk – Nikmat Iftar”. Bubur Lambuk will be distributed free to the public on on every Friday in the month of Ramadan starting from 3.00 pm at our Westside Bistro outdoor area close to SACC West Entrance. This program is intended to share the “Nikmat” and blessings of Ramadan with everyone.

For bookings or more information, the number to call is 03 – 5511 8813 or 03-5511 8858. The Ramadan Buffet 2106 at SACC is simply brilliant with more than 100 “Selera Minang” delicacies.


Click here for Menu Details : NIKMAT IFTAR RAMADAN BUFFET 2016

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